Basketball – play on the driveway 

Play basketball with friends on your driveway, in the street or in the schoolyard. With a basketball and basketball hoop, you will have hours of fun together. The great thing about basketball is that it’s a sport that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. All you need is a basketball and a basketball hoop. Want to play basketball indoors? Check out our mini-basketball hoops, which can easily be mounted indoors.  


Pick and choose from our well-balanced basketballs in different sizes. The basketballs have good grip, good bounce, and are suitable for both practising and playing, both indoors and outdoors. With the basketballs, you can practise tricks, shots and feints with family and friends, and gather everyone to play a fast-paced game of basketball.  

Basketball hoop 

If you don’t live near a basketball hoop, you can buy a basketball hoop to set up at home in your yard or on your driveway. With a basketball hoop, you can practise your jump shots or penalty shots for hours. Buy two hoops and you can also play a game with friends.  

Our basketball hoops are easily mounted with a few screws to a wall, a wide wooden post, or a tree, for example. Mounting accessories are included with the basketball hoop. Here at Biltema you can also buy a new basketball net if the old one needs to be replaced. 

Basketball stand 

In addition to basketball hoops, you will also find free-standing basketball stands in our range. All the parts of the basketball stand can be quickly screwed together, which means it is easy to assemble. When the basketball stand is fully assembled, place it where you want it, then fill the base with water or sand. This will stabilise the stand when playing. The stand is equipped with wheels, so you can easily roll it away when you have finished playing. 

Adjustable height 

The height of the basketball hoop can be adjusted from 150 to 210 cm. This allows the basketball stand to be used by the whole family, even the smallest basketball players.  


  • Never hang on the net or hoop. 
  • If the base is filled with water, it must be emptied before the outdoor temperature drop below zero. 
  • Store the basketball stand indoors during the winter, to avoid rust.  
  • When moving the basketball stand, you should tilt it and roll it on the wheels. Do not drag it from one place to another.  

Tools for assembling the basketball stand are included. 

Frequently asked questions about basketball

How many periods are there in a basketball game?  

A basketball game is played in four periods, each of which is 10 minutes long.  

How big is a basketball court? 

A full-size basketball court measures 28 x 15 metres. 

How high up is the basketball hoop?  

On a full-size basketball court, the basket is 3.05 metres above the floor. Younger players have a lower basket, with then height varying according to age group.