Both big and small – find the right sports equipment at Biltema

Both big and small – find the right sports equipment at Biltema

Football, basketball, floorball, table tennis, badminton – there’s a long list of popular indoor sports. And equally long is the list of quality sports equipment you can find at Biltema. Here you will find everything from a child’s first floorball stick to spare tennis balls.

Are you or your child thinking about trying out a new sport?

When starting a new sport, you often need to buy new sports equipment. Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive branded equipment before they know whether the sport will be something they will continue with. Our range is therefore absolutely perfect, since you can get lots of different types of quality equipment for your sport at a reasonable price.


Do your kids dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan and making awesome three-pointers? Give them a basketball so they can play at home on the driveway, or a ball to take with them to basketball practice. In our range, you will find well-balanced basketballs of different sizes. The basketballs have good grip and good bounce, and are suitable for both beginners and experienced basketball players. Get a ball and start practicing dribbling and free throws!

Our basketball range


Floorball is a fast-paced and fun team sport, which many people choose to try out at a young age, but which even older people play for exercise and fun. Floorball is a sport that suits most people, and can be played both indoors and outdoors. It is a popular sport to play as part of a floorball tournament on the street with neighbouring children.

Many people who play floorball do so indoors in a sports hall, and then you need the right type of floorball stick and floorballs. And you will find all of that at Biltema! You can even buy floorball goals so you can practice shots and goal celebrations at home.

Our floorball sticks

In our range of floorball sticks you will find match sticks approved by the IFF (International Floorball Federation). These are lightweight with a rigid curved blade, which allows for good ball control and quick shooting. We also have floorball sticks with a straight blade, which makes it easy for children and beginners to play no matter how they hold the stick.

How do I choose the right floorball stick?

Floorball sticks are either left-sided or right-sided, and the one you should choose depends on which hand you hold closest to the blade. In other words, if your left hand is at the bottom, then it is a left-sided stick you should buy, and vice versa. It is also important to test the length of floorball stick before you buy it.

Your height = Shaft length of the floorball stick:

  • 110-125 cm = 65 cm shaft length
  • 130-135 cm = 75 cm shaft length
  • 150-160 cm = 87 cm shaft length
  • 170-180 cm = 96 cm shaft length
  • 180-190 cm = 100 cm shaft length

Our floorball range


Football is typically an outdoor sport, but is played indoors by both younger and older children during much of the winter. Do you want to give your kids a chance to practice their football skills at home in the garden or down in the basement, or play a match against their friends? Or maybe you play football with your friends and need to bring a match ball?

No matter your reason for needing a football, in our range you will find well-balanced and durable footballs for both indoor and outdoor use. You can buy our footballs in different sizes, colours and materials to suit both big and small footballers.

Our football range

Racquet sports

Racquet sports are popular because you can play them on so many different levels. You can both train to compete and play as a hobby with friends. In Biltema’s racquet sport range you will find equipment for the most popular sports in the genre, such as badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Our racquet equipment is perfect for those who play as a hobby or who are completely new to a sport and want to try it out.



Badminton is very popular because it is easy to play and almost everyone can participate no matter their skill level. Here at Biltema you will find, among other things, a practical badminton set with shuttlecocks and bag with handles, so that the set is easy to take with you to the badminton hall, the beach or out into the garden.

Table tennis

Table tennis, or ping pong as it is also called, is a real family favourite. Table tennis is also perfect when kids want to invite their friends to a classic round robin ping-pong tournament and run around until they are out of breath or one of them is the winner. Ping pong can be played by many, the only thing you need is table tennis racquets, balls and a net. If you do not have room for a full ping pong table, you can buy a flexible table tennis net that you can easily attach to a regular rectangular or square table at home. This means you can also play table tennis when at your summer cottage or a friend’s place, or you can play with colleagues after work.


Tennis is a fast-paced and popular sport to play both indoors and outdoors during the hot summer season. No matter if you are an experienced tennis player or just starting out, you need tennis balls. Here at Biltema you will find large packs of durable, gas-filled and bouncy tennis balls. You can buy softer tennis balls that are suitable for children and beginners, but you will also find tennis balls that are match-approved according to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard.

Our range in racquet sports

Good to have when training

In addition to sticks, clubs, racquets and balls, which of course are the most important thing to bring to training, there is other equipment that can be good to buy. It’s always good to have a water bottle nearby so you can take a much-needed water break and wipe away perspiration.
Do you have a lot of balls in the air? Or at least a lot of balls at home in your sports equipment box? Then it is also a good idea to have a ball pump, since you never know when the balls will need to be inflated. 

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