Winter sports – fun sports on snow and ice  

For many children, winter the best time of the year since they can play outside in the snow, build snowmen, and try out fun winter sports. There are lots of different winter sports. Maybe your child wants to try play a game of hockey out on the ice? No matter what your child chooses, they’re sure to have a fun day out in the snow!  

Ice hockey  

Hockey can sometimes be perceived as a difficult sport, but it’s like any other sport – exciting, stressful, and fun for those who want to start playing. Being a little inexperienced in the beginning and falling over are natural – but what equipment di beginners actually need?  

Ice skates are, of course, most important, but having proper protective equipment when out on the ice will ensure that your child has a good and safe experience in the rink, such as a helmet, shin guards, and a neck guard. In addition to skates and the right protective equipment, a few other pieces of equipment are also needed before the game can start, such as a hockey stick and puck.  

Ice Hockey Stick  

The hockey stick you buy is determined by whether your child is child is right- or left-handed. It’s also important that the stick is a suitable length for your child, this can easily be checked by placing the stick in front of your child. Without skates on, the stick should reach up to the nose, and with skates on it should reach up to the chin.   

Besides for the length and handedness, the stick should also have a good degree of flex. Flex relates to the rigidity of the stick. Here at Biltema you will find a classic wooden stick with a laminated blade for those who want to start playing ice hockey. 

Hockey puck  

A puck is a round disc made of vulcanised rubber. Contrary to what one may think, not all pucks are black. White pucks, which are less visible, are used by goalkeepers, for example, to practise their reflexes. Orange pucks are heavier and used to practise shooting. Blue lightweight pucks are the lightest pucks available and are used by younger players to more easily get a feel for the puck. However, it is the same size as standard and match-approved black pucks.   

In our range at Biltema, you will find good ice hockey pucks for those who want to start playing ice hockey, and which can be used for training as well as matches.